What if there is no Burning bush today? 
Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 7:19PM
Wayne Newcomb

What if there is no Burning bush today? We see the wonder of our God and long for His power and Majesty to be manifest in our daily routine. He is calling us to see and experience His other attributes, perhaps His mercy, his faithfulness or that we simply enjoy the wonders of what we take for granted in our life and all around us. While we are looking for the thunder and lighting we might just appreciate the wonder of hearing and the beauty of sound, or be amazed that we have been given the gift of sight and all there is in His creation to see in the most common of things or events.

When there are no burning bush moments we may be tempted to be bored, discouraged or even complain but have you read His Word today and witnessed how He is with us in all the events of life. Are you ready, are you willing and are you thankful for all the other amazing blessings of our life with God or as I call it the Enoch life. Gen 5:22-24 and Hebrews 11:5-6.

Perhaps the river of God which flows out from His throne is not erupting in revival fire today, God has not gone on Vacation but longs for us to walk with Him to know that He is alive and active in our life and world today.

 Have you invited Him into your day, your thoughts, activities and behavior?

Walk with God today, seek His heart, Walk in His ways and embrace the wonder that God the creator and sustainer of all that exist longs to have you walk with him' to live a life of passionate participation in Him. In him we live and breathe and yes exist.

Need a little wonder in your life today. If you have never taken an anatomy and physiology course look into how your eyes are constructed and how it is we have the gift of sight or learn about the wonder of how our ears allow us to hear or our lungs cause us to breathe. These are but a small sample of His wondrous ways. Look for others all around you and in your life today. There may not be a burning bush but there are His wonders and His wonder-filled ways to experience if we are willing to see and enjoy them.

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