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Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 11:46AM
Wayne Newcomb
 A Watchman's Report for 2016 
Thank you for your partnership with us through prayer, friendship and giving to make Abba's Glory reach those whom the Father desires throughout the Earth.
Our assignment as Watchmen comes with daily orders from the King. Looking out across the landscape where human need intersects with the Spiritual realm. God in His majesty is interested in the daily needs of people. 
Though He directs the course of nations He works on behalf of those who need His provision, touch, a kind word or message from His throne room.
Throughout 2016 we have sought where and how Abba's Glory  should be made manifest. Below is an incomplete list.
 1.Support of Deborah Ministries and CrossFire International. Including regional directors in Asia and Africa
 2. Ministry to the Jewish people in Russia and Israel
 3. Providing coffee makers to homeless woman through Catholic Charities women's shelter in downtown          
4. Counseling former students of WWC as they face life opportunities worldwide
5. Mentoring Christian leaders in ministry and business development
6. Releasing Spirit directed teachings via Social media.
7. Intercession as directed by the Holy Spirit for people, ministries, nations. 
8. Prophetic declarations for individuals and ministries
9. Donation of Biblical Study Resources and Bibles
We Believe 2017 is to be, "A Year of Redeeming the Time by
recognizing and seizing God breathed opportunities for the People of God as a "Life Coach for the supernaturally hungry, the remnant. Offering Instruction for Navigating Life in God's Spirit while remaining firmly grounded in this world. 
“A person finds joy in giving an apt reply--and how good is a timely word breathed by the Spirit!” Proverbs 15:23


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